Friday, April 17, 2009

His Childhood

I was lying in bed last night thinking about Prestons childhood and what I want it to be. I was thinking about my husbands childhood and it made me sad. My husband was shown no affection as a child. He had a drunk for a father who was abusive. His mother I am sure showed him affection when he was small but she was raised in a family that was not known for being affectionate so as he got older it stopped. She spent her marriage just trying to survive each day without any briuses or black eyes. Yes my husband had all the "Toys". Dirtbikes, motorcycles, 4 wheelers and when he turned 16 cars. But that doesn't make up for the love he was denied.

I on the other hand I had an amazing childhood. No matter what I always knew my parents loved me. We may not have always had material things but I know my parents went without so that we could have those small extras. Even to this day everytime I speak to my parents I can hear the love in their voices.

I want Preston to have that. I want him as he grows to be comfortable with being affecionate with those he loves. I want him to know he is always loved no matter what. I will support him in whatever he choses to do wether it be horseback riding, dancing, hockey, football or anything else he wants to try.

The one thing that does make me sad about all of this is the fact that my family is so far away and can't be involved in his day to day life. I love living in Alberta but I feel like Preston is missing out on so much being out here. The big family holidays, the b-b-q's in the summer, the family birthday parties. He's going to miss it all. I have no family out here. My hubby has his mom and 2 nieces and he's not close to his neices at all. They have not seen Preston yet. I thank God that I am taking Preston home this June for 2 weeks. I am going to have to make an effort to take him back home every year and when he gets old enough he can fly out on his own and spend a month or more with his Grammin and Papa. My parents have so much love to give him and I want him to experience that.

On that note I wanted to post a pic of Preston and his Grammin. My Mom came out for his birth but had to leave 3 days after he was born.

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