Monday, August 17, 2009

This and That

I have been so horrible about updating this blog! So many wonderful things have happened since I posted last. We went to my parents place for 2 weeks in June. We had a great time. Preston did wonderfully. With all the new people he met I figured he's play shy with a few of them but NOPE he was great with everyone. My parents fell in love with him and spoiled him rotten. He was held so much out there that I figured it would be a problem when we returned but again he surprised me.

Preston has started on foods now. He's had squash, peas, carrots, sweet potato, green beans and creamed corn. I started him of fruit for lunch the other day and he's only had peaches so far. I think I have a really good eater on my hands. He gobbles everything I give him up faster then you can blink. He's also had corn rusks and puffs that melt in the mouth. We are slowly working on getting him on a 3 meals a day plus snacks.

His sleeping is going great. He sometime wakes up one or twice in a night but I put on his ocean wonders and pat him on the bum and he's off to dream land again. He has his 4 front teeth now. He got the first bottom tooth at 4 months old. He got the 2nd bottom tooth at 5 months old when we were back visiting my parents. He got the top teeth at 6 months and both of them came in the same week. With the bottom teeth we had generally 1 really fussy day with each one. With the top teeth nothing. Just BAM and there they were!

He's crawling all over the place now and loving every minute. We are working on his sitting. He can sit unassisted for up to a couple of minutes sometimes. He also tries to push himself up to sitting but hasn't gotten it yet. He's dying to walk but I think that is a way off.

Here are some pics of him with my family

Preston with Grammin

Preston with Papa

Preston with my Beautiful 10 yr old Niece Emma

Preston with my younger sister Melissa
Preston with my older sister Cheri

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

I can't believe how bad I have been at updating this blog! Preston will be 5 months old a week from Saturday. He's such a joy to be around! He is giggling a lot more now and he's rolling now all over the place! He also inch worms all over the house. I take my eyes off him for 2 seconds and he's half way across the room! He's started getting up way too early. When he first started sleeping through the night at 2 months old he would sleep in until between 8 - 9 am. His bedtime is 8:30 so he was getting about 12 hrs sleep. At the time he wasn't napping that great but I didn't care because I started each day feeling very well rested. Well slowly over the last 6 weeks or so he's started getting up earlier and earlier! Today it was 4:30. He doesn't cry to get up and it was suggested to me that it's a developmental thing and he wakes to pratice newly aquired skills. I hope and pray he starts sleeping in later at some point!!!

Preston has fallen in love with his jolly jumper. He'll play in that thing for hours! He'll play in it so long he'll fall asleep in it!

Well tomorrow is the big day. Preston's first airplane ride! Yesterday I cleaned the house and today I am doing the laundry and packing as much as I can. I am really nervous about this flight. I hope and pray that he doesn't have a screaming fit because I know it will tense me up!!! I am so excited for him to meet my family and all of my friends! My parents throwing him a huge BBQ a week from Saturday. It should be fun and I will get to see a lot of my extended family.

I've been a bit worried about Manny. During our ride on Sunday he stepped in a really deep hole. He seemed fine but on our last trot his seemed very out of wack. Not off or lame just wrong. Well when we got back I noticed swelling on his chest/shoulder area. There was also heat there so I gave it a good cold hosing. Sarah told me that as of last night the swelling was almost gone. She is going to trot him out tonight and check how he moves it. I have had a hard time falling asleep since it happened questioning if I should call the vet out or not. I was afraid something tore. My fingers are crossed that all is fine. I know he is in the best care possible and if Sarah thinks it's something serious she will call the vet.

Anyways I'm off to get more packing done!!!! I'm hoping and praying that he sleeps most of the way tomorrow!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 Months Old!

Yesterday Preston turned 4 months old. I can't believe 4 months has gone by! We had to visit the public health nurses to get his next round of shots. He did cry a bit but not for long. He's such a little trooper! He weighs in at 17 lbs 5 oz and is 26 1/4 inches long. That's a gain of 2 lbs and an inch and a 1/4 in a month! The nurse did confirm that he is teething....But I knew that already. He's actually been better this time with his reaction to the shots then last time and he got the same 3 shots again. I did keep him on Tempra yesterday every 4 hours but today he's shown no signs of crankyness.

22 Days until Preston and I fly home. I'm starting to get excited for all of my family to meet him. He's been really good with the recent strangers we have met so I have hope that he will take to my family quite well.

On monday I got a real giggle out of him during bath time. It was so cute! I tried again yesterday when he had a bath but only got a chuckle. The weather has been nice here and I've been going out for some nice walks with Preston. He's so much better now about being strapped into his carseat. He doesn't cry at all anymore!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Update

Every day that passes I watch my little man grown and accomplish new things. He's started to roll from belly to back. On Saturday he rolled over at 6:10 am and decided to chatter. I rolled him back to his stomach as he won't sleep on his back. I checked on him 10 minutes later and he was on his back again watching his ocean wonders. On Sunday he was up at 6:30 chattering so Daniel got him up for the day. On Monday he decided 5:30am was a good time to start the day. I didn't agree. He stayed in his crib until 7am quite happily. The last 2 days he's been up at 7 am and every time I go in to get him up he's rolled onto his back. He seems to only do it in his crib. He does get lots of tummy time on the floor but doesn't roll. He has also been trying while on the floor to roll from back to tummy. He gets almost on his side but that's it so far.

He's started to get some cereal in the mornings. I have been giving him a tablespoon of oat cereal every morning this week. He loves it. He's not pushing it out at all and he gobbles the whole bowl up. I think next week I'll have to up the amount. He's starting to get more co-ordinated when reaching for toys. He can hold on to them now and wave them around.

We haven't been able to get out much again because of this stupid weather. I was out with him on Monday then yesterday it was all cold and rainy. Today is supposed to be better so I hope to get out.

I am having lots of trouble loosing weight. I try and eat healthy but my MIL keeps giving me chocolate and candy. I am going to give all the unopened stuff away this weekend so I won't eat it. I also have a call into the local fitness centre. I want to know the cost of a 6 month membership vs monthly. Even when I get out for a walk it just doesn't seem to be enough. When I do get out to the barn and go for a ride with Sarah I seem to loose a couple of lbs that day so I need more exercise. The fitness centre is only manned by volenteers and no one has yet returned my message from Monday. If I don't hear from them today I will call again.

Anyways it's 37 days until Ontario!

Here is my Pic of Preston for the day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 Months Old!

On Thursday Preston had his 3 month check up. He's up to 15 lbs 6 ozs and he's 25 inches long. Dr. Wade was really happy with how well he's doing. Friday and today Preston and I went out for a walk. It so nice out and it was nice to get out and blow the stink off of us.

There is a baseball turnament on the diamond right behind our house. It goes from Friday at 5 pm though to Sunday evening. I have yelled at so many people walking though our yard I am going hoarse!!!! Normally it's just kids but when this damn turnament is on adults are doing it as well because they are too lazy to walk to the end of the street. People can't get it though their heads that this is private property and not a church anymore. The cop next door says if he catches people doing it he'll be charging them with tresspassing.....he he he

I just finished watching the Kentucky Derby. I haven't watched it in a few years. There have been too many horse deaths in major races in the last couple of years. It was a great race this year and even though the track was wet all the horses and riders crossed the finish line safe and sound. The horse that won was Mine that bird at 50-1 odds. Well done!

Tomorrow is barn and grocery shopping.

48 days until Preston and I fly home to see Grammin and Papa!!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Professional Pics

After the emotional strain of last week I needed a few days off. It took a couple of days for Preston to get back on his schedule. On Sunday Dan and I took Preston for his first professional pictures. He did so well! He smiled tons and I am so happy with how they turned out.

I am going stir crazy locked up in this house though. It's been too cold to go out for a walk and Sunday and Monday we got snow. So much for spring *Grumbles*

Tomorrow is Prestons 3 month check-up. I figure he's up around 16 lbs. I can't believe how fast he is growing. He can actually play in his exersaucer now.

My Mom who is so thoughtful bought me the Twilight series of books and I just got them yesterday. I am so hooked. At least it is giving me something to do while locked in the house.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The loss of a friend

I had planned on blogging everyday but on Saturday I lost my good friend Amie. Amie suffered with mental illness. I am not sure of all she had but I know she was Bi-Polar. Amie had a heart of gold and would do anything for a friend. I did not worry about Manny, my horse, when I was laid up after having Preston because Amie was looking after him and I knew she would treat him as her own.

Amie moved out to Alberta last fall from B.C. She lived out at the farm and was Sarah's (the barn owner) best friend. She was sliding down hill fast out there and she was convinced to move out here hoping that things would change. Amie loved it out here and was as happy as someone as ill as she was could be. Just over a week ago she stared to go downhill again. She was going to go to the hospital on Saturday to get the help she needed. Saturday morning she was found dead in her bed by Sarah.

I have been spending everyday out there all week with Sarah as she is having problems dealing with this. I grieved for Amie the first couple of days but now I feel happy for her. She is finally off of the emotional rollercoaster that she had lived on for so many years. She is finally at peace.