Thursday, April 23, 2009

The loss of a friend

I had planned on blogging everyday but on Saturday I lost my good friend Amie. Amie suffered with mental illness. I am not sure of all she had but I know she was Bi-Polar. Amie had a heart of gold and would do anything for a friend. I did not worry about Manny, my horse, when I was laid up after having Preston because Amie was looking after him and I knew she would treat him as her own.

Amie moved out to Alberta last fall from B.C. She lived out at the farm and was Sarah's (the barn owner) best friend. She was sliding down hill fast out there and she was convinced to move out here hoping that things would change. Amie loved it out here and was as happy as someone as ill as she was could be. Just over a week ago she stared to go downhill again. She was going to go to the hospital on Saturday to get the help she needed. Saturday morning she was found dead in her bed by Sarah.

I have been spending everyday out there all week with Sarah as she is having problems dealing with this. I grieved for Amie the first couple of days but now I feel happy for her. She is finally off of the emotional rollercoaster that she had lived on for so many years. She is finally at peace.

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